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Instead of searching what you are looking for in ten different locations, you can now find all hand tools in one place.

You will find everything you need in our wide selection of products. Our sales programmes are briefly described below. For full selection of products, you must register to our B2B web store here!

Hand tools: 
Our hand tools programme offers screw drivers, screw heads, wrenches (open-ended, ring, torx, and allen), pliers, universal knives and blades for universal knives, chisels, files, hammers, clamps, carts, and cases for tool storage, brushes, steel ropes for sewage, silicone expanding foam guns, crate openers, brooms, vices etc.

Masonry and construction tools:
Our offer of masonry and construction tools offers trowels, hawks, scrapes, shovels, dippers, buckets, mortar containers, clamps, anchors, tensioners, pulleys, pencils, chalk, and much more!

Painting tools and accessories:
Our painting tools and accessories programme includes brushes, rollers, mixers, tools for tiles etc.

Welding programme, grinding and cutting programme:
Our welding, brushing, and cutting programme offers electrodes, welding wire, gas burners, cutting plates, brush panels and pots, lamellar discs, fan-shaped grinding wheels, brush paper and abrasive cloth, abrasive tape, diamond cutters, and many more.

Protective equipment:
Our protective equipment programme offers helmets, masks, goggles and welding glasses; gloves, knee protectors, ear muffs and plugs, and many other products from the protective equipment range.

Wheels, carts, and accessories:
Our wheels and carts programme offers transport wheels and furniture wheels, carts, rubber bands, connecting tapes, stretch foil, tape, carriage bolts, clamps, and many other products!

Furniture and building fittings:
Our furniture and building fittings programme offers all types of locks, cylindrical locks and padlocks, door handles, welding clamps, and many more!

Agriculture - forestry programme:
Our agriculture and forestry programme offers construction shovels, snow shovels, rakes, spades, aces, saws, saw blades; wooden hammer, axe, brooms, spade handles etc.

Plumbing and gardening programme:
Our plumbing and gardening programme offers sprayers, watering cans, water hoses, hose carriers, garden carts, water connectors, spraying guns, lawnmower threads, garden palisades, flower pot hooks, faucets, clamps, teflon tapes, ball valves, and much more.

Chimney programme:
Our chimney programme offers ventilation ducts, pipe brushes, chimney door, round windows, chimney brush handles etc.

Nails and soft wire:
Our nails and soft wire programme offers construction nails, steel nails, U-clamp nails, sargeted nails and many more.

Mounting and attachments programme:
Our mounting and attachments programme offers particle board screws for roof, concrete screws, nuts, washers, rivets, threaded rods, screw anchors, anchors, perforated tape, and many more.

Drills and accessories:
Our drills and accessories programme offers metal, concrete, wood, glass, ceramic drills, threaded drills, jaws, hole saws, chisels, deburrers, and many more.

Machines and accessories:
Our machines and accessories programme offers machines for nails and accessories, air guns and hoses, Spit machines and accessories, Graphite machines and accessories etc.