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Pizza Marker is one of the leading European manufacturers of professional pens and pencils for all occasions. From Pica Marker Dry, to Pica Marker for deep holes and everything in between, Pica pens impress even the most demanding makers.

The innovation of this brand impresses everyone around the world. In the video below, one of the world’s leading makers and creators described his experience with the Pica Marker pen.

Best items from Pica Marker:

 1. Pica Dry Pencil
A special graphite lead 2B, this pencil allows easy marking on almost any surface, whether dry or wet, smooth or rough, dusty or greasy.
Marked contents can be removed from smooth surfaces with a wet wiper.
Convenient cap with special clasps, for perfect manual operation.
Patented: built-in spike on the tip of the cap - always and immediately at hand.

2. Pica Dry Lead
The most popular lead for the Pica Dry pencil.

3. Pica Ink Pen

Pizza Ink is the pen described by Mr. Adam Savage in the first video on this website. Extremely convenient pen, designed specifically for the purpose of transferring patterns, for all manufacturers of all products.
It writes on almost all dry surfaces.
Convenient cap with special clasps, for perfect manual operation.
The ink is permanent, but it can be removed from shiny surfaces with alcohol or some other solvent / degreaser.
The extended tip is made of stainless steel.

4. Pica Gel Marker

Highly resistant marker, resistant up to 1000 ° C.
Marking is possible on glossy or rough materials, whether wet or dry, greasy or rusty, light or dark, hot or icy.

5. Pica Big Dry
New carpenter's pencil, with automatic push mechanism. The pencil is resistant to dust and moisture and allows for both thinner and thicker lines when marking.
The lead is very durable and can also be easily replaced from the back. The holder has a buckle, which allows convenient storage near the workplace, and the holder also has a built-in sandpaper for better sharpening of the lead.

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